Movie Reviews : A perfect tool to decide your bollywood or any watch-list

Movies,Films,Cinema,Flick,Picture(or pikchar) whatever you call  them has always been a stress-burster,source of relaxation,fun,value,education and entertainment and many other kinds of experience for almost everyone of us.Irrespective of whether you are a hardcore movie buff or love to watch selected films based upon your niche you always look out for this kind of entertainment which is moving,imaginary,tickles our brain,makes you laugh,angry,motivated etc.etc.

There are almost more than 500 films released in Hindi Cinema and equally in Tamil and Telugu Cinemas well.But what is the parameter on which one decides whether to go for a movie or not? Yes,you guessed it right it is Movie Reviews.You may hate it or love it but you definitely can’t deny the fact that reading movie reviews or even of regional cinema helps one a lot in knowing about the core aspects of a movie,its story,direction,music,choreography and cinematography(P.S. I know some terms here might be confusing or new to some people but those who follow movies or pay attention to even a film making video,might know about this).

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Although it has become very easy to catch reviews of bollywood movies every week since there have been various random youtube channels functioning from the last 3-4 years and some which have opened during the lockdown as it was easy to do so then but I guess there is less readable data on the Internet as compared to youtube or even IGTV videos.Hence,I am starting to write up and set my own blog for reviewing bollywood movies and even web series(possibly).I won’t be updating and informing about post release happenings and events such as promotional events of the film or the box office collection of the movies since that is a job being perfectly done by trade analysts through their web portals and perfectly communicated through their social media accounts.Also since I definitely won’t have the authority to do so.

Are movie reviews helpful?

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Well,anyways there has always been a lot of discussion about whether reviews by critics or even random youtubers are genuine or not this is because in the recent times there have been critics who have just blatantly criticized a movie and spoiled the opportunity of people to enjoy it by giving just their one-line or even one-word review.There definitely might have been conspiracy of him getting paid to bring that particular movie down so that the competitor or another movie which is set to clash with it looses its audience even before its 1st week.Well,I know many of you might be thinking why the hell I am talking about this but all this is just to clarify that I am not at all paid or biased towards any actress,actor,producer or director which means I am definitely not getting my pockets filled through them and hence will be providing them genuine movie reviews(Will also try to include regional cinema as well).

There has always been obsession of the Indian audience towards movies that are filled with rich-background colours,high-octane action sequences,glamourous and hot actors and actress,mindless and vulgar item numbers,slapstick comedy etc.etc.Yes,these have been some of the elements that have been prominent in making a movie set cash registers ringing and hence some films which lack all these elements fail to become successful sometimes even on OTT platforms.(P.S. If you didn’t get or know about the term OTT I would specify it as Hotstar,Amazon Prime,Netflix,Sony LIV).

Although there can be a lot of factors responsible for success and failure of any movie at the box office be it from having a cast of known people,not having a good budget to promote or publicize but more or less the bottom line is it depends on the choice of audience who actually makes or breaks a movie,actor or director.

Since I will be focusing on movie reviews on my website or blog so to go ahead with this I actually have been following quite a few channels and renowned critics who have time and again provided people and of course their visitors and subscribers with genuine movie reviews.Although reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB actually provide people with quite interesting and hidden facts about movies and camera work but still I will try to put and include many of such facts in my reviews.

Are weekly movie reviews necessary?

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Well,anyone who loves watching movies and can be called as a movie buff will firstly be aware about movie reviews and even might follow some people who blog or vlog about it.Hence the one who really watches it definitely takes into account some if not all points,the merits and demerits mentioned there and since they need to be provided weekly.Moreover since some many renowned critics who blog or vlog about it are actually paid employees by media houses or PR agencies its anyhow their duty and even those who aren’t they definitely have to do it in order to being views and subscribers to their medium.

Complexities of a movie review:

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Here I would want to talk about how complex or easy it can be to review a movie.Since I have been following movies and movie reviews from quite a long time I have time and again observed that there are some people who just fail to present the merits and demerits of a movie before us such as how good is the story or screenplay,which actor/actress performed the best or how melodious and soulful the music is.Instead they keep on ranting,roasting and blabbering which definitely is not the right way and rather sounds creepy.

There are complexities rather I would so it is a difficult task to analyse the whole movie and hence one such channel which I really admire and follow for movie suggestions is this. Following this channel has helped me know how important it is to study each and every aspect while reviewing and what points should be adhered to while watching a movie for review.

Points to remember while writing movie reviews:

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Here are some points which I have observed about writing movie reviews or reviewing style of critics and reviewers be it from youtube channels or those dignataries who have learned film making or even those who haven’t.Here it goes:

1.A reviewer shouldn’t be obsessed about the particular actor or actress whose film he is watching and about to review.As this is the first step of building trust with your audience and hence even if you are obsessed with a particular actor or actress just don’t go raving or fangirling about the actor.(To be more precise if Shahrukh Khan does a masala film which lacks logic but is entertaining at the same time and yet you criticize it but if an actor known for making the same kind of masala and brainless film does it every now and then then you should either criticize both or appreciate both).

2.While writing a movie review should never be in the essay form rather headings such as Cast,Performances,Music,Direction,Cinematography should properly be described,appreciated or criticized about.

3.Writing movie reviews on blogspot or any other such as medium can always be an easy and free option but if one really intends to build a brand for himself he should actually go for paid domain and hosting which will persuade him to play with wordpress themes and plugins and even learn SEO and digital marketing to rank it.

4.There should be a distinction between art and artist and hence one should not give positive reviews in the favour of a film because it has an actor who is known for doing humanitarian work for the society or one shouldn’t unnecessarily criticize the film because it has an actor who doesn’t agree with the current government policies or back-bitches about your favourite actor.

5.Rather than unnecessarily abusing out a film for certain points you don’t agree about or about something which is not prevalent in the real world one should actually try to break down as to why it is being used and especially analysis and breakdown is many a times necessary to highlight the keypoints of a film.

6.Last but not the least trollers and especially those people who just don’t know anything about movies should just not write anything or put up their personal opinions unnecessarily and especially should stop commenting Boycott on every film poster(the reason of which is known to everyone as it has been trending since the last 7 months).

Concluding,I would like to say that I will soon be starting writing movie reviews and blog posts and will be working hard to keep everyone of you informed and hooked to my website and posts with my great and appealing content.Keep visiting for more updates .

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