Bittu : Poignant and Thought provoking

Busy roads,ringing cellphones,pleasant and unpleasant conversations,necessary and unnecessary arguments,eating out,ordering food on Zomato,financial and monetary issues,sales target and budgetary issues,corporate and political pressure and obligations etc.etc.etc.(I am sure I have missed out on many things) is what we know about India or rather I would say many things jotted down here are the once that are a part and parcel of our life.Irrespective of whether they make our lives easy or hard the brutal truth is we can’t live without it but sadly in the hustle and bustle of our fast paced lives we often tend to ignore adversities and troubles that the backward India is going through in their lives and which sadly is the situation of 80- 90% of our country.

Here I am writing about a short film I recently watched titled BITTU. Short films have sometimes always been crucial to bring some issues in the limelight which are prevalent in the country just through a 15 -20 minutes of picturization ,3-4 characters and some scenes which bring a lump in your throat and the same is the treatment of this film. Bittu is an orphan raised by a government school cum orphanage which doesn’t have a high story building or air conditioned classrooms but yet a teacher is determined to shape the future of his students and doesn’t even shy away from helping them in doing any task be it washing their hands and face.

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Bittu is best friends with a fellow classmate Chand and just like all best friends they stick together but  it seems today Bittu is bit angry with Chand and since not everyday is sunshine so today leaving the school midway she sets out for a walk over the mountains and what happens after that changes the fate and destiny of the school,its teachers and above all its students forever.But what actually happened and who should be held responsible for this,the latter question is what that will roam in your mind after you watch this film.

Performances :

Short films are characterised by very few actors and in most of the cases they are unknown but its always said that a good actor doesn’t need a long screen time to prove or showcase his talent and hence I have tried to write down about a few characters and their performance.

The titular role of Bittu is played by a girl Rani Kumari who is stubborn but fearless.She is unapologetic for some obvious reasons(which she thinks so) and fearless too at the same time when she sets out to explore the mountains alone.

The supporting character of Chaand is played by Rani Kumari’s (Bittu) real sister named Renu Kumari. She is honest towards his school and homework.

Trivia as per IMDB :

1.This is writer-director Karishma Dev Dube’s thesis film for NYU Film School, and it’s been nominated for a Student Academy Award. Her sister Shreya Dev Dube has taken the responsibility of cinematographer and the film is based on a real life event that occurred in 2013 at a primary school in Bihar during a mid-day meal.

2.The film was released on 3 June 2020 on Youtube and is currently shortlisted for Oscars in the short film category.

I can’t talk much about the film since its a short film and revealing out more details about it will spoil your mood and might even kill your interest in exploring out. The film is a poignant peace of art and I strongly recommend you to watch it by clicking here.

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  1. Bittu is an incredible movie and the way you portray the movie in your words is just magnificent. The way this short film not only makes us question what happened next but to me, your writing has also allowed us to think about what is behind the “normal” scenes of our lives and there are so many other “normal” that we do not know.

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